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Tiny Homes on the Move

by Lloyd Kahn
Tiny Homes on the Move cover

Lloyd Kahn's new book about house trucks, campers, road rigs, handmade trailers, houseboats, sailboats, and small mobile living.

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Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter
by Lloyd Kahn

Tiny Homes cover

Lloyd Kahn's best-selling book about small houses, campers, road rigs, houseboats, cob, straw bale, round timber, and much more.

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"A glorious portfolio"
New York Times

Builders of the Pacific Coast
by Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn's Builders of the Pacific Coast is an absolutely amazing book! Over 1,200 photos
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“Architecture Book of the Year”

Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter
by Lloyd Kahn
Home Work cover

A stunning sequel to Shelter, Home Work illustrates even more imaginative ways to put a roof over one’s head, some of which were inspired by Shelter itself.
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The Barefoot Architect:
A Handbook for Green Building

by Johan van Lengen
The Barefoot Architect cover

Techniques and materials using adobe, rammed earth, bamboo, ferro-cement, and cob to build simple homes.
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edited by Lloyd Kahn
Shelter cover

Our classic namesake book from 1973, with over 1000 photos of amazing handbuilt shelters: huts, tents, domes, yurts, caves, barns, houseboats, treehouses, sheds, and much, very much more.
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Shelter II
by Lloyd Kahn
Shelter II cover

From 1978, the long-lost sequel to Shelter has been republished.
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Mongolian Cloud Houses
by Dan Frank Kuehn
Mongolian Cloud Houses cover

How to build a yurt, using natural, low-cost materials. Clear step-by-step illustrations. Many yurt resources for materials, supplies, ready-made yurts.
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Wonderful Houses Around the World
by Yoshio Kumatso
Wonderful Houses cover

Photos of homes in Mongolia, China, Indonesia, India, Romania, Tunisia, Spain, Togo, Senegal, and Bolivia, along with colorfully colored illustrations of each home, make this a wonderful book for children.
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The Septic System Owner’s Manual 
by Lloyd Kahn
The Septic System Owner's Manual cover

How they work, how to maintain them, what to do if things go wrong. Simple, clear, informative. Plus great drawings by VW Idiot Book artist Peter Aschwanden.
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Septic System Maintenance Folders

Mrs. Restino's Country Kitchen 
by Susie Restino
Mrs. Restino's Country Kitchen cover

A country kitchen wherever you live! Learn country cooking fundamentals so that when you get through reading it you won't need cookbooks any more.
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Gardeners' and Poultry Keepers' Guide
William Cooper Catalogue cover

A fascinating 1903 catalog of greenhouses, cottages, bungalows, chicken coops, potting sheds, garden furniture, gazebos, and tools.
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Classic Reprints

Shelters, Shacks, & Shanties
by Daniel C. Beard
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties cover

Written in 1914 by the founder of the Boy Scouts, this unique book shows how to build both simple and complex sheds and shacks. Contains hundreds of wonderful pen-and-ink drawings and illustrations by the author.
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Wildwood Wisdom
by Ellsworth Jaeger
Wildwood Wisdom cover

Written in 1945, this masterpiece of outdoor living contains 500 richly illustrated pages of woodcraft lore rarely seen today.
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Our Eclectic Mix

The Paper Propeller, The Spinning Quarter, The Jumping Frog
by Arthur Okamura
Paper Propeller cover

Author and illustrator Arthur Okamura fashions paper frogs that actually jump, uses a mirror to draw a magical star, and shows how to unpeel a sliced banana. Plus 35 other amazing tricks! Ideal for kids, car rides, and picnics, this book makes anyone an instant magician.
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Getting Your Affairs in Order
By Elmo Petterle
Getting Your Affairs in Order cover

A unique workbook, a single place where you can document the many things that must be taken care of by your survivors after your death. A thoughtful, wonderful legacy for your loved ones.
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Grab Bag

Baja California
Ranchos, surfing, fishing, shipwrecks, sea serpents, camping, and small hotels

Join Lloyd on an ocean kayak trip from his home thru the Golden Gate and into San Francisco.

Longboards & Big Sticks

Special Information about Domes
Refried Domes
Smart, But Not Wise
Domebuilder's Blues
Domes vs. Rectangles

Fitness Books

30th Anniversary Edition
by Bob Anderson
Stretching cover

Stretching has been revised once again, with 10 new stretching routines for computer users, office ergonomic information, and a new 2-color design throughout.
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Stretching in the Office
by Bob Anderson
Stretching in the Office cover

Help for the office worker. Twenty stretching routines to help prevent neck and shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, stiff muscles and joints.
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More on Staying Flexible

Office Fitness Clinic
How to stay fit even though you sit at a computer or desk each day.

Online Stretches 
Try them now. You'll feel better!

Lifelong Fitness

Getting Back in Shape
by Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl,
Jeff Galloway, & Ed Burke
Getting Back in Shape cover

A unique workout book for anyone who wants to get back into shape. Written by bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl, international stretching authority Bob Anderson, Olympic runner Jeff Galloway, and exercise physiologist Edmund Burke.
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Aerobic Tennis
by Bill Wright
Aerobic Tennis cover

Use tennis for a cardio workout. A new method that uses running, lunging, leaping, and stretching for a great game and a great workout!
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Marathon eBook
By Jeff Galloway

eBook versions of Jeff Galloway's book Marathon: You Can Do It! have been released into the Apple iBookstore (for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and on for the Kindle.
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You Can Do It!
By Jeff Galloway
Marathon: You Can Do It! cover

Updated in-depth information, planning, and training for anyone who wants to run a marathon, by Olympic runner Jeff Galloway.
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Galloway's Book on Running
2nd Edition
by Jeff Galloway
Galloway's Book on Running 2nd Edition cover

Olympic runner Jeff Galloway's definitive guide to running, completely revised and updated. With state-of-the-art training and techniques for both novices and competitive runners.
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Chi Gung

Ancient Way to Keep Fit
by Zong Wu & Li Mao
Ancient Way to Keep Fit cover

Our book on the internal martial arts from ancient China — Taoist exercises, including: Chi Gung, Taoist Yoga, Yijinjing, and self-massage. Beautifully illustrated.
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101 Stretches Poster
by Bob Anderson

A large, beautiful four-color poster, laminated, with 2 brass grommets for hanging. Put this on the wall as a reminder to take stretching breaks throughout the day. You'll feel better

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Stretch & Strengthen Poster
by Bill Pearl and Bob Anderson

Large laminated poster shows stretches and exercises for each muscle group.
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StretchWare software reminds you to stretch while working at your computer. Developed from the stretching exercises of Bob Anderson, author of our best-selling book Stretching.
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